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SomRa E’laria (a.k.a. Somra Spirit) is a visual artist designing images of Sacred Geometry and abstract symbology. Sacred Geometry is the study and understanding that everything in Creation is based on specific, measurable geometric sequences and ratios that can be recognized when one knows how to look for them. A sunflower, a crystal, or a nautilus shell are obvious examples. But even weeds, trees, the human body, and the distances between planets are all based on these ratios. And deep within our psyches we knows this.

“After some basic training in Sacred Geometry, I would measure, do calculations, and aim for particular shapes. But several years ago I went through an inner transformation that led me to attune to my Soul and live more fully by my Heart, my Inner Being rather than intellect. And so in my art, I naturally began to just know, to express Sacred Geometrical ratios and designs from that place within. Now I do no calculations and rarely a single measurement; with only a compass and a straight edge, I simply start drawing, each moment attuning to what’s next. To say it’s a magical experience is an understatement. It’s as if the design is alive and speaking to me line by line. That’s why I now call it ‘Intuitive Geometry.’ As I work, I’m often amazed. Each line, curve, angle, and shape is automatically perfect, naturally expressing a sacred pattern of this world or higher planes. I marvel at these moments, at the Creator, the Master Designer creating with me. I feel focused and elated at the same time. We are One in this dance.”

E’laria’s primary choice of medium is professional colored pencils. “They allow exceptional precision like no other medium.” All work is done by hand without any computer manipulation.

“I create my work as an artistic expression of light, color, design, Sacred Geometry, Higher Awareness, and multidimensionality — all as a means to bring beauty, inspiration, and healing to one’s environment. The viewer may use a piece in a number of ways. Some use it as a feng shui correctional object. Others as a healing tool or meditation mandala. Still others as a print of fine art. However one sees it, it’s meaningful to me how a piece can so easily align the mind with the Heart and speak to the Soul.”


Whether you are exploring the multiple dimensions of a piece or using it as a meditation or healing tool, an ideal way to experience it is to first softly gaze into the center. Keeping your eyes on the center, allow your awareness to fall on all shapes of a specific color and you can begin to see dimensions you may not have noticed before. Different layers come forward, depending on how they’re perceived. Don’t think. Feel. Let your Higher Self communicate with you through feeling and awareness. Let insights come. Let yourself just be. Stay with it a while or move your awareness (while keeping your eyes in the center) to another color/layer and experience it again. Dimensions within dimensions, levels within levels exist within each design, just like in the designs of your own life. (Click the link at the bottom of this page for suggested meditations.)

These images are tantalizing to the physical senses while facilitating a spiritual experience, reflecting the Radiance and Beauty within each of us. “I want to see it in myself. I need reminding. Viewing my work does that for me. I am light, color, and brilliance. And as I see that in me, I see it in all others, which in turn brings it out in them. And when we see it and feel it in ourselves and each other, a harmony occurs. It’s always there but is not so easily detected when we’re looking at what we think is wrong about ourselves and the world. We tend to forget about the Beauty and what living on Earth is really about. I believe my work reminds us of our Truths. Not some ideal we hope for but a Truth that’s here now. When we understand that, the world becomes a safe, inviting place to us — a place I want to live.”

SomRa E’laria holds a BFA in Art/Design. She is also a respected spiritual teacher, life coach, bodyworker, healing facilitator and instructor, visionary, and mystic.


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