All About Eric

Eric The Cat specializes in contra dance music. The four cats include:

  • Alan Dillman, fiddle
  • Wes Maluk, mandolin, tenor banjo, guitar and whistle
  • Terry Maluk, hand and foot percussion, banjo uke
  • Karen Gaughan, keyboard 

All four Cats have been playing dance music for over 25 years in other bands such as Merriweather, Skeeziks, Hot Sonata, Good & Plenty, Hair of the Cat, and Out of the Woods. Wes Maluk also has a long history of providing sound engineering for dances, dance festivals, and dance weekends. 

Eric The Cat's music includes a variety of styles ranging from Celtic to French Canadian, New England to Old-Time and various other influences from evolving traditions. "Suitably weird" and "sassy with a little edge" describe it best. Hope you agree it's a fun dance band!

Video of Eric in Chantilly January 2014, and one of Eric in Charlotte February 2015.

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