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Peter Martin has been playing Irish and old-time tunes since his freshman year at Earlham College in Indiana. During these years, he developed a true mastery of the hammered dulcimer, studying with Malcolm Dalglish during the early 1980's. Peter is mesmerizing on the Irish Flute and whistle as well. Peter has written many tunes in traditional styles, several of which are in Merriweather's repertoire, and has published a book of these tunes, The Flea that Got Away.

Kathie Aagaard, fiddler extrordinaire, brings rich harmonies and great energy to the music. She also plays viola with the "Big Band" as one of her folk music friends describes the Florida Orchestra. While living in Wisconsin in the late 1970's she developed an interest in folk fiddling, beginning with Scandinavian. After a move to Florida, where Scandinavian fiddlers were few and very far between, she turned to Celtic fiddling and began playing for area contra dances with such local bands as Wind That Shakes the Barley and Comes When Called.

Wes Maluk has played guitar for more years than he cares to admit. He plays tenor banjo which lends a great tone to the group. He also adds driving percussion to the band. Wes adds vocals to Merriweather during concerts and singing waltzes.

Terry Maluk plays many percussion instruments, including bodhran, bones, djembe, doumbek, bells, clave, and feet. She has studied under several percussion artists, including Jessie Wynch, Mark Stone, Nery Aravalez, Randy Crofton, and Barry Bernstein. Terry also sings for concert performances.


Merriweather, the four-piece collection of talent and energy, is determined to make you scream on the dance floor. This band rocks with traditional and original Celtic, old-time tunes, and some world sounds that will make you want to dance!

Merriweather recorded an album entitled Slightly Dangerous, released in July, 2000.

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