About Us

Skeeziks - 'a good-for-nothing, a rascal or rogue' - Oxford Dictionary

Skeeziks plays traditional Irish, Scottish, and Appalachian tunes for your listening and dancing pleasure. Guaranteed to make your foot tap and bring a smile to your face!

We first met at an Irish music session in Columbia, SC, then began playing together regularly at an Irish Pub session in Greenville. We enjoyed the sound we made together and decided to give the group a name. It stuck. Skeeziks plays for weddings, festivals, receptions, fund-raisers, contra dances, at pubs and coffee houses, and just for the fun of it. 

Band members include:

  • Alan Dillman on fiddle
  • Joel McConnell on mandolin and bouzouki
  • Wes Maluk on guitar and tenor banjo
  • Terry Maluk on percussion

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