Skeeziks' first CD, Portrait of Eldwig, features a wide variety of Celtic and Old-time music. Eldwig Schmoon is the creation of our own Joel McConnell who bears a striking resemblence to Eldwig sometimes... And yes that is Eldwig in the Guinness foam.

Tracks on the CD:

  1. Maid Behind the Bar/Mountain Road/The Star of Munster  4:28
  2. The Lucky Set  2:48
  3. Four Jigs  4:33
  4. The Parting Glass/Early of Leinster/Flying Home to Shelley  4:54
  5. Plains o' Boyle/Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding  4:27
  6. Tuttle's 2:24
  7. The Shaskeen/Out on the OceanBanks o' Allen  3:18
  8. Christmas Eve  3:34
  9. Shanendoah Falls/In the Taproom  4:10
  10. Four Reels  5:36
  11. Kerry Mills Barndance/String of Trucks  4:29
  12. A Scottish Set  4:40

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A Skeeziks practice session, filmed by the beautiful and talented Sarah Gottfried:

A Valentine's Weekend contra dance filmed by Erik Olsen:

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